Faithful 1s offering plate
Faithful Ones 2019

FAITHFUL $1’s (ONES)             

A visitor to Carrollton Presbyterian might observe an unusual habit- folks filling offering plates with one-dollar bills. The purpose this is not to increase the annual budget, but to restore offertory time to a physical act of giving and to increase our awareness of joyfully giving back to God. 

FAITHFUL $1’s puts us into the habit of giving (old and young alike).  This is how we can make a symbolic gesture of thankfulness, even if we give electronically to the church.  

Most importantly, it’s a great way to teach kids the meaning of faithful giving as a part of our weekly worship.  We all learn – less by listening and more by watching.  It’s our goal to teach our children, and one another, what joyful giving looks like!

Last Published: April 4, 2019 7:00 PM
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