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8-27-17 home visits
9-10-17 SS Palooza
8-17 Meals for homes
9-20-17 SS & WED Nights
8-20-17 Sunday school teachers

Pastor Nominating Committee Update

Here's the continuing status of work by the PNC:

July 9, 2017

Read the Article here.

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CHECK THIS OUT! WE HAVE AN APP JUST FOR YOU - OUR CHURCH MEMBER DIRECTORY! YES, IT'S PRIVATE!Something new! A CHURCH APP AND IT'S FREE! There is an app you can download to your phone or tablet that will give you quick access to our member directory and the church main calendar! It works on Iphones, Ipads, Android, and some others.
Sometimes running a church is a lot like running a business! Yes, we have policies too! If you want to read our church policies on Building Usage, the Memorial Garden, or our Wedding Policy, they are now posted on a new tab under the About Us Tab at the top of the page.
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