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Pastor Nominating Committee Update

Here's the continuing status of work by the PNC:

10-22-17 Update: PNC has reached agreement with a pastor.

                             Name to be announced in the near future...we need to give that pastor time to notify the current employer.

                            Congregational meeting is upcoming to learn more and approve the terms of call.

                             Presbytery will need to approve terms of call.

We are probably looking at an early 2018 start date.
More info to come soon!


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Want to stay up to date about all the latest things going on a CPC? It's EASY!!! Can't send text messages? Prefer email? No Problem! Click link below. Read More
Want to stay up to date about all the latest things going on at CPC? It's EASY!!! Read More





2017 Gather Announcement

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11-5-17 Smart Money

This is a really special opportunity to hear Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze speak live about how to manage your money.

Sign up now! Let us know you plan to attend and then invite your friends and coworkers to join you! Please ask them to register too so we know how many people are coming. Click here to register...


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