Jeb Brown

Jeb Brown, Class of 2022
Buildings and Grounds Team

My faith has always been a very personal thing.  I’ve never talked about it much, but tried to show it by actions.

I’ve been a Presbyterian all my life, except for seven years in my forties, when I was a Methodist.  The twelve Highland clans that I know I am a part of date back to the origins of the       Presbyterian Church.

For most of those years, I was mostly a pew warmer.  Then I came to Carrollton after a traumatic event in my life.  When I came to Carrollton Presbyterian Church, it only took three visits to know I belonged here due to the unconditional love and friendship here.  It wasn’t long before Bill McMillon and Frank Fidler got me involved in things.  Eighteen years ago, John    Pendrak got me involved with Buildings and Grounds.

All of this has made my somewhat lost faith come alive for the Church and the Lord.

Last Published: January 19, 2020 10:09 PM
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