Patti Stewart
Patti Stewart, Elder Class of 2020
Patti Stewart, Elder Class of 2020, Outreach

I was born in Tampa, Florida, and lived in the area for 18 years.  My mother was a Presbyterian from Minnesota, and my father was a Georgia boy.  They met while serving in WWII, married and settled in Florida.  I was the second child of five, the oldest girl.  

My mother joined a Baptist church, where we were active members for many years. I witnessed my mother serve the members of her church and community for decades.  After leaving home, I joined the Women’s Army Corp for two reasons:  first, because I loved to travel, and because I needed some type of technical training so that I could afford to attend college.

Back in Tampa, I was a divorcee with three children, when Greg and I first met.  After we married and subsequently moved to Carrollton, in 1993, we became active members of CPC, serving in the choir and with Habitat for Humanity.  

I served on session, either on Worship or Christian Ed for youth, during those early years.  I later served on the board for Habitat and volunteered at the Soup Kitchen.  Some of my favorite memories were activities with our Women’s Circle group, where I made some special friendships.  I began my stained-glass hobby here as well.

Greg and I moved to Fairfax, VA for about 14 years. During our time in Virginia, we were less active with our church, due to our work and travel schedules. After retiring, I spent a lot of time traveling between states, visiting family and friends, until that was not enough.  

When our eighth grandchild was due, I was requested to be a participant in his birth, which made me want to be around even more, so we bought our retirement home in Carrollton, and moved Greg to a condo in Maryland.  Fortunately,  he visits here frequently, although not as much as we would like. We re-established our membership with CPC in 2016.

Unlike my mother, I can carry a tune.  I currently sing in the community chorus, with our church choir, and ring hand-bells. However, from the early years of seeing my mother serve others, I was influenced by her sense of commitment, need based compassion, and practicality.  I have been actively seeking areas where I can be of service to the church or the community.  I co-teach a youth Sunday school class, and I try to help organize the backpack setup and supplies. I am currently striving to feel centered and remain contemplative in my faith journey and wish to help others in this faith walk.


Last Published: February 8, 2019 10:31 AM
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