LInda Handyside
Linda Handyside, Elder Class of 2019
Linda Handyside, Elder Class of 2019, Christian Education

       I was born in New York, then moved to New Jersey at the age of three.  I grew up in the faith of two churches – Woodbridge Methodist and Avenel Presbyterian.  We moved to Atlanta when I was a teenager, and I briefly attended a Baptist church with my best friend.  I continued through high school, college and young adulthood without attending church, but always kept my faith.

        I came to Carrollton Presbyterian Church a little less than 30 years ago via Habitat for Humanity.  Mike and I met Tom Ballard while volunteering on a Habitat building site.  We first formed a friendship with Tom, then eventually learned that he was the pastor at CPC.   Soon after, our family visited the church and we became active and involved members.    Mike and I have been married for 38 years, and we have two “children” – Josh and Meghan, and we have one beautiful and wonderful granddaughter – Joni

        I have joyfully served CPC as an elder, Outreach Chair, Christian Education Chair, Presbyterian Women Moderator, Soup Luncheon overseer, Circle leader, youth director, choir member, hand bell ringer, and as a missionary.  I look forward to serving again as an elder and to listening for God’s call for myself as well as the church.  I vow to serve with love, understanding, and inclusiveness.





Last Published: February 15, 2017 2:49 PM
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