Session, Governing Body of the Church

In the Presbyterian Church, the Session is the governing body of the church and is made up of ordained ruling elders. These people are members of the church and are called by God and chosen by the congregation to serve the Church. In Carrollton Presbyterian Church our Session is made up of 12 ruling elders and our pastor, who serves as moderator. The Session meets monthly or as needed and manages the work and business of the church. Members serve a three year term. The Session is made up of three "classes" which rotate off in the year of their class designation. Each elder on Session chairs or serves on a committee. Our committees are Administration, Buildings & Grounds, Christian Education, Communication, Evangelism,Fellowship, Member Care, Stewardship & Finance, Outreach, and Worship. The Session will also have a Clerk of Session who takes minutes at each meeting and keeps records.

At Carrollton Presbyterian we also have a College of Elders made up of all non-serving ordained elders. We have many members who have served as Elders in the past. This group works in a variety of ways to serve the needs of the church and its members.

Learn the Constitutional Statements made and agreed to by our Elders. Read More

Elder on Call, Chase Robinson

If Pastor Burnetta is out of town or you need to talk to somebody on session, Chase is the person! Please feel free to share your joys as well as your woes. You can reach Chase at church office or by email.

Meet the current Session Members of Carrollton Presbyterian

Linda Handyside, Elder Class of 2019, Christian Education Read More
Candace Radar-Horsley, Elder Class of 2019, Building & Grounds Read More
Donadrian Rice, Elder Class of 2019, Christian Education Read More
Jared Price, Class of 2020, Administration, Clerk of Session Read More
Pat Sheffield, Class of 2020, Member Care Read More
Dena Wilson, Class of 2020, Worship Read More
Patti Stewart, Elder Class of 2020, Outreach Read More
Karen Hartley, Class of 2019, Stewardship & Finance Read More
Chase Robinson, Class of 2021 Stewardship & Finance Read More
Mary Ann Taylor, Class of 2021 Worship Read More
Mimi Gentry, Class of 2021 Communications Read More
Jackie Warren, Class of 2021 Buildings and Grounds Read More
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