THS Emergency Shelter Logo

THS Resource Bridge began as THS Emergency Shelter, a community outreach service for the homeless.Our mission is to use our God given gifts and talents to minister, to serve, and to shelter those who are homeless or in need during inclement weather, and to do this in a manner that God may be glorified through Jesus Christ the Messiah. We welcome men, women, and children from across Carroll County.


Although our original mission was primarily to provide emergency shelter and related services during severe inclement weather, we have come to understand our guests not only need greater sheltering opportunities, but also need on-going opportunities for getting showers, nutritious meals, clothing, and laundry facilities, along with birth certificates, state IDs, transportation, medical services, temporary shelter and stable housing, etc. As a result, we have begun to implement additional programs to meet these needs. To express the broader scope of services being offered, we officially began doing business as (dba) THS Homeless Resource Bridge (THS Bridge) in April 2017.

Last Published: May 20, 2018 10:10 PM
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