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We are a church family who care about one another, enjoy worshiping together, share our joys and sorrows of life, and work together to grow in spirit, in love, and in all the ways we can make our own lives and the lives of those around us better.

We serve each other and the community around us.

Our ongoing challenge is to find some place at Carrollton Presbyterian Church where we can INHALE the love of God and some place at Carrollton Presbyterian Church where we can EXHALE the love of God. That work brings joy to our hearts in ways we often don't anticipate.

History of Carrollton Presbyterian Church 

KirkingMembers-1024x729In October of 1841, individuals in and near Carrollton, Georgia, requested the Flint River Presbytery, in session at West Point, Georgia, to constitute a church to be known as the Carrollton Presbyterian Church. In response, the Presbytery directed two of its members to return to Carrollton and organize a church. Accordingly, the church was founded on Saturday, December 18, 1841.

Over the years, this congregation has been pivotal in the formation of various local ministries and institutions, including Oak Mountain Academy, the Carroll County Soup Kitchen, the Carroll County Emergency Women’s Shelter, Boy Scout Troop 179, and the West Georgia Habitat for Humanity. In more recent years our church has been actively involved in Safe Havens for Children, Darkness to Light, the Backpack Ministry, Open Hands, Alchoholics Anonomous, and Al-Anon.

When we look over the records of the church, we are impressed with the names there, men and women who have left their stamp on our town and county. And there are those in the church today taking up the task of continuing to make our town and county a better place, “loving God with all their hearts, minds, strengths, and souls, and their neighbors as themselves.”

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