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2018 In Appeal






The “We Appeal!” class will meet in the parlor next to the sanctuary.  War, deception, intrigue, sex, and betrayal will be prominent in our lessons. Yes, we are in the  Old Testament, starting with 2nd Chronicles. We also hope to talk about historical perspective and theology, with discussing  the universal truths and principles found in the OT and what they might mean to us. Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome. All you need to bring is your favorite translation of the Old Testament.

** The We Appeal Class will meet through July (unless they complete their study of the Old Testament sooner.)

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The Band of Brothers is a men's study group that chooses contemporary studies and reflections by modern Christian writers.  Many of the texts chosen you may hear Pastors citing from in their sermons.  We read 1 chapter per week and have a discussion concerning the the thoughts of the writer, the relationship to being a Christian in the secular world, and our own personal thoughts and insights about the topic.  Some of the writers already studied are Richard Rohr (a Jesuit Priest), Walter Brueggeman, a professor of Old Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary, and John Crossan, one of the foremost 'Jesus' scholars of the day. Come join us in the Manse at the 'Session' table! 

** The Band of Brothers Class will continue to meet until they finish their current book.

Open Bible

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Pastor Burnetta will be teaching a Bible study

6:15 following our Wednesday night dinner.

We will meet for the Bible Study inthe Manse.

Our Bible study will be an in-depth look at the sermon passage from the previous Sunday.

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