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2018 In Appeal





The “We Appeal!” class will meet in the parlor next to the sanctuary.  War, deception, intrigue, sex, and betrayal will be prominent in our lessons. Yes, we are in the  Old Testament, starting with 2nd Chronicles. We also hope to talk about historical perspective and theology, with discussing  the universal truths and principles found in the OT and what they might mean to us. Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome. All you need to bring is your favorite translation of the Old Testament.

 Screwtape Letters Book Club

Screwtapes SS- 3

  Westminster Hall

 Time- WW2.  Place- London England.  Bombs were dropping from the sky.  People lived in fear.  But the war wasn't the biggest threat to the people of England.  The devil was, putting his army of demons to work corrupting the humans that lived there.   The Screwtape Letters is a collection of correspondences sent from a high ranking demon to his up-and-coming nephew.  Published originally in 1942, CS Lewis' scathing but funny commentary on organized religion and the foibles of the humans in God's care is still mind-blowlingly relevant today. 

This fall, join our Screwtape Letters reading group as we crack open this classic by one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century.  Adults (and older teens) gather at the Manse every Sunday at 9:45 am.  Come with your Bible and a copy of Screwtape Letters (you can buy used for about 10 bucks on Amazon).  Each Sunday we'll be reading two letters, so drop in when you can for fascinating reading and stimulating conversation.  

Mimi Gentry

2018 Band of Men_edited-1






The Band of Brothers is a men's study group that chooses contemporary studies and reflections by modern Christian writers.  Many of the texts chosen you may hear Pastors citing from in their sermons.  We read 1 chapter per week and have a discussion concerning the the thoughts of the writer, the relationship to being a Christian in the secular world, and our own personal thoughts and insights about the topic.  Some of the writers already studied are Richard Rohr (a Jesuit Priest), Walter Brueggeman, a professor of Old Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary, and John Crossan, one of the foremost 'Jesus' scholars of the day. Come join us in the Manse at the 'Session' table! 

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